The Sound Collective free launch night on Thursday May 1st

Chorus A4 FlyerIf you thought nothing much happens on a Thursday then you’d be wrong as from May 1st, you are invited to come out and build up a new exciting modern choir, The Sound Collective Chorus.
There couldn’t be a better time to start singing than at the free launch night on Thursday May 1st 8.15 to 9.45pm in the Great Baddow Millennium Centre.

Everyone is welcome and with this fresh start it’s a great time to get on board and be all new together week one!

With hugely popular groups already in Maldon, Danbury and Burnham there is much excitement about this highly renowned choir coming to a new venue.

You don’t need to have any previous experience of singing and there are no auditions or sheet music.
The choir consists of Men and Women of all ages singing modern songs taught in a fresh modern way and existing members reference “the buzz” and the “opportunities” of being part of this truly personal, professional, inclusive, fun, fresh and humorous choir.

If public singing isn’t for you then weekly Thursday evening rehearsals will be a fun night out but others can look forward to the next Sound Collective event and your chance to sing at a Masquerade Ball concert in July with the other 200 choir members. Known for their impressive events, past Sound Collective Chorus concerts have ranged from a vintage themed picnic in the park concert at Ingatestone Hall with a 50 stall vintage marketplace, morris men and the choirdressed in period style to a moving collaboration with a children’s sign language choir in a glamorous “Big Top” Winter show where the choir performed under a roof of stars to an exclusive audience of nearly 1000.

One choir member said “TSC has given me these new opportunities – being in a choir wasn’t even on my “things to do before I lose my marbles” list but what a thrill!”

Exciting events aside, the choir is shaped slowly week by week at fun rehearsals and it’s not only singing that is important to those who take part.

The friendships formed, the achievements made and confidence gained are as much part, if not more.

One member said ”the best part of this whole experience has been the really lovely people I’ve met and the chance to do something I have always longed to do”.

Another tells of how ”it’s helped in so many ways. I needed something other than being mum to my 2 year old, to talk about something else, have something that belongs to just me, to look forward to and focus on. Being part of The Sound Collective has exceeded that and I’ve found myself to be more interesting and more confident. I tried other choirs but this is special”.

Want to be part of something new then contact The Sound Collective now.  / email / Tel: 07889 248620
Thursday: GREAT BADDOW (Free Launch Night on May 1st) PLUS Mondays in BURNHAM, Tuesdays in MALDON, Wednesdays in DANBURY (£6.50 per week and you can go on all 4 nights for that!)

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