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Reality based Self Defence in Great Baddow Chelmsford

Self Defence in Essex

If you have been looking to learn self defence, for yourself or someone you know, but didn’t know where to start or are nervous about attending, then this Beginners class could be just what you are looking for.

You will receive an introduction to personal safety and self defence in this most effective, beneficial, exciting and fun filled session.

Initially individuals attend my Half Day Beginners Self Defence Induction classes, in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, these run every month on a Saturday morning. This includes 1 hour of theory covering personal safety, reasonable force and the mindset of an attacker. Then the next couple of hours cover practical techniques including distance control, voice commands, restraining an attacker standing up, taking an attacker to the ground and restraining the individual on the ground.

Training classes also build fitness and incorporate ‘pressure testing’ where, compliantly, the Instructor attacks the training students individually and they apply the techniques they have just learnt in that class. The pressure testing reinforces the actions required to overcome the Freeze element of an attack. Generally most people have heard of the Fight or Flight reaction, however, Combat Academy Chelmsford teaches students a learned response to an attack, hence they then avoid Freezing in such a scenario and this is then developed through repetition over further sessions.

Self defence classes from age 10 years.

Contact Richard to find out more, answer your questions or book on a future class (numbers are restricted therefore advance bookings are required).

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