Mike Reid from New Road

I am Mike Reid from Dersingham, Kings Lynn Norfolk.  I lived with my parents, 1951-61ish, at 64 New Road, Great Baddow! near the church and Pump Hill, when we moved there from Leicester.

Dad was the local  R.S.P.C.A. Inspector. Henry C. Reid.

Was apprenticed to Christy & Norris Ltd. Foundry Engineers at Chelmsford .(gone now I think).

Then my dad was posted to Woking 1961 and I followed soon after when my Apprenticeship ended.

However, I was just thinking back to my good old motorcycling days at Baddow, when Tony Pennack sprang to my minds eye. We messed about together with one or two other guys. Were members of Chelmsford District Auto Club.

Tony later became club Secretary. I thought , I must make contact with him . So I dialled in Great Baddow, and up came The Great Baddow Community Site and YOU.

What an amazing place it must be. Certainly a lot different from my day. Will definitely give the old place a visit. Am not too far away.

Tony and I left school about the same time, I think. So we are both old codgers at 73 yrs.+  I am now a widower since 2005 and fairly active.

Have family close around me. Have revived m/c interest by buying two classic Trials bikes. ‘Greeves Scottish’ and 350cc Royal Enfield works replica. Not for competition, too old, just to pootle around dozzy Norfolk  and a bit of Greenlaneing, if allowed. Too many dog walkers, horses, pheasants, big deer, muncjac deer, ramblers and, oh yes, the Royal family. They sometimes appear at Sandringham just two miles away.

I hope to join the Chelms Auto Club as hon. member and revive a link that way.

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  1. Jon
    November 6, 2013 at 1:16 am

    Mike, many thanks for sharing that, and for agreeing to be the first of the new “People of Baddow” section. Hopefully others will follow your lead!

    I just looked up Christy & Norris, they may still be alive: http://www.christy-norris.co.uk/

    “Christy & Norris – established in 1858 as manufacturers of pulverizers, hammer mills and size reduction machinery and plant.”

    Looks like a merger took place, but still the same company, now in Ipswich.

    I hope some old faces pop by to say hello.

    • Mike Reid
      November 7, 2013 at 9:55 am

      Hi Jon. Proud to be 1st off on ‘People of Baddow’. Fantastic.
      Thanks for info re Christy’s.Worked with some great characters
      there. Mr.Christy was a Quaker. My woodwork teacher at Moulsham
      school(John Marden) was aQuaker too. Need I say more.
      I remember Gordon Webster. Lived in the white cottage style houses,
      with middle passage way to back, opposite the Red Lion ? Pub.
      He went to posh school. His dad was stickler on homework.Couldn’t
      always come out to join us. Regards Mike

  2. Mike Reid
    November 7, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Jon. In my last email I spoke of Gordon Webster living opposite Red Lion pub.
    I should have said Blue Lion. The ‘Red’ is at the Chelmsford end of Baddow road a the roundabout ? I used to swing up left to Moulsham School.correct me if wrong.

    About mid 50’s? Blue Lion area was badly flooded when, after a storm, a stream at the back of Jackson’s bakery,burst it’s bank and water roared down the road to the pub and formed a huge pond.

    Was great friends with Derek James Fordam Leaver(m/c’s again)417 or 419 Baddow Rd. Just up the rise out of village. His father Lesley Leaver , at the time, was Chief County Planning Advisor for Essex.Derek’s brother was Roy James Fordham Leaver

    Have not seen or heard Derek since then. The only clue I have of his whereabouts is that he was a Director of Blackwater Sailing Club and lives at Heybridge Maldon CM2 and his house may be called ‘Fordham’. Am thinking of posting an introductory card to him to this skimpy address. The postmen are usually good at finding recipients.

    Again I’m running on . Take care. Mike Reid

  3. Jon
    November 7, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    Yes, the Blue Lion is in Great Baddow, nice pub these days. They go good beer and there is always a friendly atmosphere, the new landlord is doing a good job there.

    The only other pubs of along Baddow Road are now the Beehive, The Star Inn, and then up in town the Nags Head. Carpenters Arms and Army and Navy both gone now.

    The Red Lion is on New London Road, on the corner. And another up Springfield Road.

  4. Ian Wade
    November 8, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Hi Mike Reid, the name meant nothing but the address did. I lived at no. 66 New Road during that time. I was the small, skinny, goofy guy by the name of Ian Wade. I do remember you and your dad. He often bought home animals and birds that he had rescued in his role as an R.S.P.C.A. inspector. I have seen Tony Pennack many times over the years in his role as village undertaker. He has an amazing memory for “faces”. The only guys I have kept in touch with are Colin Wigmore and Peter Josling. We meet up a couple of times a year, usually on a racecourse as we share the same passion for horse racing. We did meet up with Doug Bacon who lived at no. 50 New Road a few years ago. He has some great photos of old Great Baddow. There has been a book written by Allen Buckroyd on Great Baddow which is really interesting.
    Yes I remember the great flood which was in fact on the 5th September 1958. The water rose to a height of 8 feet behind the wall at the bottom of Galleywood Road, opposite the White Horse. The stream passed behind the White Horse where the wall collapsed and the water charged through Carter’s bakery on its way to the Blue Lion area. A lot of homes in that area were under water.
    I have not strayed far from my roots having lived in West Hanningfield for 19 years and now in East Hanningfield for 28 years.
    Glad you found Jon’s site.

  5. Gary Bainbridge
    February 21, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Hi, Mike, I don’t remember you, but I do remember your dad. I lived with my parents at No. 3 New Road from my birth in 1952 to 1971. I now live not that far from you just outside Downham Market. I remember Tony Pennack very well, his aunt Mrs. Edwards was my parent’s neighbor, and Lesley Leaver was my father’s boss at the council.

  6. Peter Eaves
    December 7, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    hello Mike Reid as a ‘old’ member of Chelmsford & Dist .Auto club ( which despite the title is /was a motorcycle club)now on verge of extinction you were a very good servant to the club ‘despite’ your youth! I believe you owned a 250 Royal Enfield !I’m pleased to hear to you have got back in the scene and hope you ‘discovered’ the byways( these are used weekly in Essex by several groups of friends.I would like to make contact ,as to how I’m not sure try c/o our good friend Tony Pennack! Regards Peter Eaves.

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