St. Mary’s Church

St Marys Church

St Marys Church.

St Mary's Church

St Mary’s Church, Great Baddow.

St Mary’s Church is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Chelmsford. It is an Evangelical Church in that ministry & work is based on the understanding that the Bible is the word of God revealing to us the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.

Bible teaching is an important part of our regular worship services members are encouraged to read their Bibles regularly to help them grow as Christians.

St. Mary’s is a charismatic church in that we believe the Holy Spirit’s work & ministry seen in the New Testament of the Bible are also for today’s Church.

Worship services are best described as “lively & modern” rather than as traditional. Our Sunday morning services contain a mixture of traditional hymns, modern worship songs, sermon, and (twice a month) a celebration of Holy Communion. Evening services tend to be more informal with a twice-monthly celebration of Holy Communion.

St. Mary's Church Team Ministry

St. Mary’s Church Team Ministry – Times of Services

Every Sunday we have a full range of classes for children from crèche age to young teens.

Usually, on the fourth Sunday of each month we have a Family Service – lively worship, Bible teaching and activities for ALL ages! There is a crèche but no Sunday school on Family Service Sundays.

Home groups meet regularly, for fellowship, Bible teaching and prayer. Prayer ministry (with laying on of hands for healing) is available at all main services for those in need.

St Mary’s Church Office,

St Mary’s Church Office,

Sunday Services

  • 8am – Holy Communion
  • 10am – Morning Communion Service
  • 6.30pm – sometimes held at Meadgate Church

A very brief history

St. Mary’s Church dates back to at least 1172, and it is thought that it may have originally been built as early as 1100, during Norman times. If you are interesting in the history of St. Mary’s Church they sell a nice little pamphlet by David Papworth for £1 at the church.

It is thought that the De Badewe family helped to build the church as they were wealthy landowners at the time – they owned most of Great Baddow. By 1238 it was known as Badewe with Magna (Mary).

During the 1300’s the church grew, with a new tower and expansion on the south, north and west sides.

Some Photos of St. Mary’s Church and its churchyard

St. Mary's Church grave yard during winter snow, December 2012

St. Mary’s Church grave yard during winter snow, December 2012

Grass needs cutting in St Mary's Church Year - May 2013.

Grass needs cutting in St Mary’s Church Year – May 2013.

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