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Eyewitness Cameras

Based in the Beehive Business Centre on Beehive Lane, Eyewitness Cameras provides a range of cameras for road users looking to use video footage in the fight against fraudulent insurance claims and scams, including ‘crash for cash’ operations. Their products provide protection and peace of mind when they are fitted to cars, bikes and helmets.

The team at Eyewitness Cameras take the time to test out and research all the cameras and accessories they stock, so you can be assured that you’re receiving all of the very best models at the most competitive prices. There are a host of useful videos and articles online, and staff are available via phone, email, or on-site 9.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday.

The Technology

Eyewitness Cameras supplies small but highly effective video cameras that offer high definition video footage that’s stored on an SD memory card. The memory card can be easily removed if you are in an accident and need to provide footage to your insurance company. The cameras attach to your bike handle bars, helmets, or vehicle windscreens and will continuously record while you’re on the move. Each camera comes with the Eyewitness Cameras aftercare support as standard, and you’ll always have a minimum 1 year warranty.

The Product Range

  • In-Car Cameras – come with features such as parking protection, GPS mapping, and HD video recording, and can be used in the UK or abroad. Models available to suit all budgets and needs, starting from entry level dash-cams with wide angle lenses, sound recording, and video review function.
  • Fleet/Taxi – A company that also caters for business, offering solutions for taxi, fleet vehicles, and commercial needs. Products include singe dash-cams with forward facing cameras to a multi-camera system. Multi-systems can capture incidents and actions on the road and inside the vehicle, offering extra security and peace of mind.
  • Bike Cameras – A range of versatile action cameras for day to day and sporting use. These cameras can be used in good or bad British weather, and come with a range of recording functions and mounts. Some models are specifically designed for motorbikes/scooters. Smart features include wi-fi so you can watch footage on your PC or tablet, and date, time, and speed stamps for footage, along with GPS route mapping on some models.
  • Spy Cameras – Professionally built covert cameras for discreet monitoring and security in the workplace or home. Cameras fitted in day to day objects such as key fobs and clocks for covert surveillance.

With such a vast range of products available, and a workforce dedicated to providing the most up to date technology, this is a business that is constantly evolving to deliver the latest security and monitoring devices in a static and moving environment. Many individuals and businesses have reported benefits from using ‘eye witness’ cameras, especially in insurance claims. To find out more about the Eyewitness Camera range and accessories, visit the company in-store or online.

Here’s a YouTube video of a Roadhawk HD camera in action. It is easy to see how this will help settle an accident claim in favour of the motorcyclist – eyewitness cameras do not only protect you, they can also be used to help other road users.


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