Thieves Take Canaries From Baddow’s Nursing Home

The remaining canaries at Newholme House

Baddow’s only nursing home has been raided by bird thieves who have stolen 21 canaries from the home’s garden last night (Monday 30th March, 2015).

The owner of Newholme House, Tony Appleton, has announced a reward of £500 for the return of the 21 canaries.

Newholme House caters for 18 residents and provides around the clock nursing care. The canaries add to the relaxing and peaceful environment in the garden that many of the residents enjoy.

Tony Appleton has kept canaries at Newholme House for 30 years. He said: “They are part of our lives here, part of our family, we love them, and breeding season is just about to start too,”

Tony Appleton told the Essex Chronicle that he was devastated by the discovery of the theft, saying: “I’m so upset, we are all upset, I’m devastated how can someone do this?.”

Canaries have a market price of between £60 and £70, making the haul worth almost £1500 to the thieves, if they manage to sell them all.

If anybody offers you canaries in the Chelmsford or Essex area, call the police.


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