Searching for Pease Family Members

Crae Pease is seeking members of the Pease family who are descended from Robert Pease, born in Great Baddow 1485.

I was wondering if you could help me? I’m searching for members of the Robert Pease (1485) family. Are there any remaining over there?  And if so, can you forward me email address to them? Please.
I have some questions that someone over there might be able to answer.
Thank you
Crae Pease

If you would like to contact Crae, leave a comment below and I will forward her email address on to you so that you can make direct contact, without sharing your email addresses on the website.

There is a web page dedicated to the Pease Family here:

Also some more information here:

A quick search on Facebook for Pease’s in Chelmsford brings up a fair number of people. Crae did not say what the questions are, but hopefully we can help somebody following an old family tree. It’s a bit like “Who do you think you are?”

Please share if you know a Pease that might have been descended from the original Robert Pease in Great Baddow.

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