Sarah Beeny visits Isaac Square

Sarah Beeny on Isaac Square in Great Baddow

Sarah Beeny on Isaac Square in Great Baddow

Sitting in my office this afternoon I heard a little commotion outside and was surprised to see a film crew. I asked if anything interesting was happening and they said it was for a property show which is looking at house extensions. Then I spotted Sarah Beeny reviewing her script!

It took a few takes to get it right, then they left. The house that extended (note, not my extension) is on the opposite side of the square. I guess the light is better over this side, or maybe fewer cars.

I could just about hear Sarah Beeny saying “buy a small property, then build big, and dream big”. Although not sure if that was the final take.

Sarah Beeny’s latest show is called Double Your House for Half the Money, and the house around the corner did a large three story rear extension, which added a huge kitchen, large lounge and two new bedrooms on the top; enough space to house eight people.

All very exciting! I still think my extension is the best on the square. 🙂

Sarah Beeny on Isaac Square in Great Baddow close up

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