Quick Summer Breaks From Great Baddow


Ibiza – it’s not just a party resort

7 Easy Destinations for a Summer Break from Great Baddow

If you’re fed up with the gloomy summer we seem to be experiencing, why not head overseas to hotter climes? There’s a heat wave across Europe to the south of the jet stream, and with both Stansted Airport and Southend Airport close by, we have many great options just a few hours away. So for those in Great Baddow, you have several options for a fantastic summer getaway. Just pack your toothbrush, swimming costume and get some travel insurance, and you’re good to go! Here, we’ll run down seven destinations for a summer break if you’re flying from Great Baddow.

Istanbul is a wonderful summer destination, with flights from Stansted. Immerse yourself in the culture of Istanbul for a day and you will realise why many people opt to spend their summers here. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and is home to many architectural wonders, such as the Hagia Sophia. The country is teeming with cultural experiences that should entice any traveller.

Madrid (Stansted) is another destination worth visiting during your summer break. The country is home to excellent Spanish food and is filled with historical wonders that will surely leave you breathless. Madrid is lies in the heart of Spain and its history and culture will beckon you to come back time and again.

Ibiza (Stansted) is the place to visit if you feel like partying for your summer break. The city is best known for its lively night life and its beautiful people. The parties in this city are unrivalled and make it a great destination.

Budapest (Stansted) is another fantastic summer destination. Aside from the architectural wonders, the city is known for its place in several books and plays. Budapest is a place to marvel at and enjoy.

Denmark (Stansted), specifically, the city of Copenhagen, is a sight to behold. You can bathe in the luxury of Danish hospitality and consume a delectable selection of food and drinks in this city. Copenhagen also has many historical sites and wonderful architecture.

If you’re after a couple of sunny days near crystal-clear sea waters and astonishing architecture, go straight to Dubrovnik, Croatia. It can be reached from Southend airport via Flybe airline. You can literally breathe the history here as the streets, towers, roads and fountains are so old they seem to take you back to other centuries. You can either enjoy it by yourself, or join the tour talking you to the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ filming locations.

The last in our short list but definitely not the least is Milan. The city is absolutely unique being attractive by so many different kinds of travellers. Whether you like fashion, delicious food, football, history, architecture, art or music, visit Milan and you’ll get all of that in one place.

Whether you’re planning to spend a few days or a few weeks out of the country, it is important that you have the appropriate insurance coverage for you and your family. Summer destinations are fabulous for taking a break, but it’s always best to be protected while abroad. Flying from Great Baddow to these destinations will undoubtedly make your summer exciting, but insurance is essential for each and every trip that you plan to take.

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