People of Baddow, Take Up Your Snow Shovels And Dig!

Path along the Bringey in Great Baddow in use minutes after being cleared.

Path along the Bringey in Great Baddow in use minutes after being cleared.

Today my child’s school was closed so rather than work I spent the morning enjoying some sledging and building snow men in the park. However, on the way home it was apparent that the path back up to my house was not covered in compacted snow and in previous years this has become very icy and dangerous. So I decided to clear a strip along the path so that people can pass more safely.

Within minutes of clearing the path people were making use of the safer router. A job well done, if I must say so myself.

If this saves one person from slipping over and injuring themselves, then it is certainly a job well done.

Now, if every shovel owner in Essex took a little time to clear the paths near their own homes, fewer people would be trapped in their homes this winter. The snow may well melt in a few days but nobody likes to be isolated.

Falls Can Be Fatal

Falls - WHO Global Burden of Disease project

Causes of Death For All Ages – Falls Become a Greater Problem For the Elderly

While some slippery ice can be an inconvenience for younger people, for the elderly icy paths are very dangerous. According to data from the Global Burden of Disease Project, 2002, for people over the age of 60 years, falls are one of the leading causes of death, killing more people than road traffic accidents, drowning, fires, violence and self-inflicted injuries.

During icy conditions the incidence falls outside increases dramatically. Last year the BBC reported Elderly people ‘staying at home for fear of falling’ and NI Direct have published an advice page: Avoid slips and falls in icy conditions.

So take up your shovels and clear a path near your home. If you have elderly neighbours clear their path and drive too. Do you bit to get the county moving again! If there is some salt grit nearby, spread it on any steep paths, after putting some on the roads.

Jon Wade and son clearing a path in Great Baddow

Clearing a path in Great Baddow

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