Major Housing Development Proposed For Great Baddow and Sandon

400 New Homes To Surround Great Baddow – Can The Village Cope?

It has been on the cards for many years, but there are finally some more solid plans to build new homes in Great Baddow and Sandon. We all know that the country needs more houses, and housing is in high demand in and around Chelmsford. The plans for Baddow and Sandon are not as grand as the Beaulieu Park estate, but they are certainly of much larger scale than the new estates to date (Isaac Square, Baden Powell Close, Greenland Gardens and Eastwood Park). So, let’s take a look at the proposals first, before looking at how you can have your say on what happens next.

Chelmsford’s New “Local Plan”

The details of the current plans can be found within the Chelmsford City planning pages – there are 10 documents and some are over 100 pages long, so as there is a lot of information on all aspects of the development, we’ll only share the most important details of where the houses will be built, how many new houses there will be, and where the new access routes run.


The new homes in Great Baddow will be to the north of Maldon Road, between the Sandon Park and Ride and the by-pass, in the area owned by Manor Farm. Key details:

Land north of Maldon Road, known as ‘Manor Farm’, as shown on the Proposals Map is allocated for a high-quality landscape-led residential development and Country Park.

The development will be expected to provide:

  • Up to 250 new homes
  • New homes of a mixed size and type, and density and massing that respond sensitively to its distinct landscape context
  • Affordable housing in accordance with the Council’s requirements
  • A new Country Park including a Visitor Centre together with a landscape strategy and delivery mechanisms for its long-term management and maintenance
  • A robust northern landscaped edge to the development and green buffering to the Green Wedge and Conservation Area and within the site to mitigate the visual impact of the development
  • Protection of important views into the site, including those from across the river valley
  • Appropriate improvements, as necessary, to the local and strategic road network as required by Essex County Council and Highways England
  • Good accessibility for bus services within the site and to/from the wider area
  • Direct, safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle access within the site and to/from the city centre, Chelmer East Green Wedge, Sandon Secondary School, Baddow Hall Primary School and wider strategic network, including safe crossings of Maldon Road
  • Provision of routes for new cycle routes, footpaths and Public Rights of Way between the site and the wider area to enable the development to integrate with existing and proposed developments nearby
  • An appropriate vehicular access into Sandford Mill
  • Financial contributions towards primary education and early years and childcare provision as required by the via Section 106 Planning Obligations
  • Financial contributions towards other community facilities including health provision as required by the NHS/CCG either through the Community Infrastructure Levy or Section 106 Planning Obligations
  • Appropriate measures to improve and enhance the adjoining Green Wedge including public access and opportunities for recreation
  • Provision of or financial contribution to indoor leisure facilities either through the Community Infrastructure Levy or Section 106 Planning Obligations
  • Minerals Resource Assessment as required by Essex County Council
  • Appropriate flood mitigation measures and SuDS.

Main vehicular access to the site will be from a new junction at Sandford Mill
Lane / Maldon Road, with additional pedestrian/cycle access along Maldon Road. All
access points will have to be agreed by Essex County Council.

Chelmsford Local Plan - Great Baddow

This 250 house development will provide a sustainable urban extension for up to 250 homes expected to be delivered between 2021/22 and 2025/26.

New Country Park

The development will see a new country park, which will be a great asset for Great Baddow. It will provide dog walkers with a great place to exercise, as well as opportunities for the rest of the community too.

The development also hopes to improve walking and cycle routes between Great Baddow and Chelmsford, which is good news for all. Currently, cyclists have to chose between the by-pass and Baddow Road (or Longmead / Meadgate).

New Business Park

The land between the new housing development and Sandon Park and Ride will site a new high-tech business park – “Class B use employment land for a high-tech office/business park”. Main road access to the site will be from a new junction at Sandford Mill
Lane/Maldon Road, with additional pedestrian/cycle access along Maldon Road. Delivery is expected between 2021/22 and 2025/26

Maldon Road business park

150 New Homes South of Maldon Road – Sandon Development

There will also be 150 new homes on the land south of Maldon Road, which will fill the farmland between The Sandon School, Molrams Lane and Maldon Road. These homes are to be delivered between 2021/22 and 2025/26. All those along Molrams Lane with views across the fields to Danbury will find that the view is replaced by a new housing estate.

Land south of Maldon Road Location 3c

This development was rumoured a few weeks ago, but it is only this week that a Sandon resident alerted us to it all. Sandon Parish council are meeting at The Sandon School, 7.30pm on 25th April, to discuss the plans that affect Sandon and Great Baddow. All residents are welcome to attend to learn more and meet others that are affected by the plans.


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