For The Love Of Ale – White Horse Beer Festival

A pint of Sign of Spring from the Stonehenge brewery

A pint of Sign of Spring from the Stonehenge brewery

Last night I went to the White Horse for the Wednesday night quiz and saw a new beer on the pumps. It was Sign Of Spring from the Stonehenge brewery in Wiltshire. I had a shock when it was served – it was green. I had a pint of green beer! Fortunately it tasted good.

The green beer is one of the guest beers on offer in the For The Love Of Ale beer festival. The festival runs from 24th March until 20th April and will feature 15 beers over the four weeks. Each week there will be a different selection of beers.

There are leaflets at the pub with tasting notes for each of the beers on offer.

Week 1 beers and breweries:

  • Dartmoor – St. Austell
  • Sign of Spring – Stonehenge
  • Dead Good Ale – Acorn
  • Ditto IPA – Truman’s

Week 2 beers and breweries:

  • Ossian – Inveralmond
  • South Town – Adnams
  • Ruby Mild – Rudgate
  • Marmalade Porter – Wold Top

Week 3 beers and breweries:

  • Long Blonde – Long Man
  • River Cottage EPA – Skinners
  • Isis – Jarrow
  • DNA – Charles Wells & Dogfish Head
  • Bighorn – Black Sheep

Week 4 beers and breweries:

  • Down Under – Peerless
  • Chiffin’ Ale – Box Steam
  • Dead Good Ale – Acorn
  • Ditto IPA – Truman’s

A good selection of ales including a red and a green beer. I hope to get the chance to sample some over the next few weeks, the Marmalade Porter sounds very tempting, as does the Dead Good Ale from Acorn.

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