Don’t Upgrade Your Phone Contract Before Reading This

mobile phone contract cost bargains savingsConsider other cost effective options before committing to a new contract

If your contract is coming to an end you may be considering renewing or moving service provider, especially if a free phone upgrade is part of the new deal. Before signing up for another two years – as most contracts now are – it could be worth considering your other options.

You may well save money and avoid paying more for a new phone you may not really need.

The replacement cycle

Most manufacturers change their smartphone range each year and it’s fair to say not every new model ushers in huge improvements over its predecessor. For example, it was debatable whether it was worth upgrading from the Apple iPhone 7 to its replacement, the 8, when launched in 2017.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was a significant upgrade over its predecessor when launched. A new metal and glass body replaced the previous, less premium plastic and the phone featured the AMOLED technology – the current benchmark in screen tech.

Manufacturers change models frequently partly due to marketing reasons; new models create interest and stimulate demand as some users rush to equip themselves with the latest model.

Unless the newer models offer key features that will genuinely benefit you – why change?

Upgrade options

Choose from the following when it’s time to consider an upgrade:

Keep your existing phone – one way of saving money is simply to keep your present handset and switch to a SIM only deal once your contract has expired. You can choose between a rolling monthly contract or usually a 12 month one – the latter usually proves a little cheaper than the former.

Either way it should prove more economical than continuing with your previous contract.

Negotiate a lower tariff – going hand in hand with the above is the chance to save even more money by possibly switching service provider if their SIM only deals – or contracts with new phone deals – are better than what’s on offer from your present provider.

Your existing provider won’t want to lose you so should be open to negotiation. Check what tariffs are on offer from rival mobile networks and call your existing provider to see if they’ll match the other deals you’ve found.

Upgrade your phone with a used model – a very cost effective way to upgrade your tech yet save a bundle. If the outgoing phone – or even one from a generation or two previously – meets your needs in terms of features, then why spend on newer technology you may not require?

A good example is phone power; just about every new smartphone released is more powerful than its predecessor, but for some while now advances in processing power have outstripped what the average user needs so performance is becoming academic for many.

Check features carefully before committing to a new contract phone.

Most manufacturers including Samsung and Apple offer previous models new at a reduction to their original prices, and certainly less than the current model, so you could buy new and save.

You could buy used of course and save even more.

Think before you leap

The mobile phone market is very competitive and tech moves on apace with comparatively recent phone models being replaced very quickly. For example, the Apple iPhone X with its all-new body appeared to great fanfare in late 2017 but was replaced barely ten months after its launch with the new XS range.

If you do want to move onto another full contract then shop around first. If you don’t need a new phone, or would consider upgrading to not necessarily the latest model, then take your time and evaluate your options as above.

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