Barclays in the Vineyards is Closing

Barclays Bank in the Vineyards

Barclays Bank in the Vineyards

I have just received a letter from Barclays Bank, who I have been banking with since 1990, that they are closing the Great Baddow branch in the Vineyards. The branch will close on Friday 20th June 2014.

In the letter they say that they do not undertake closures lightly and that they are sorry if this is a branch that I have found convenient in the past. It certainly is! I used it when I was in the Sandon Sixth Form (I used to wash up in Back Inn Time once per week to earn some extra pocket money) and I use it now as I live and work in Baddow.

The nearest alternative Branch is on Chelmsford High Street, not somewhere I can pop to in my lunch break. I can cycle to the Vineyards in a few minutes. A real shame.

Barclays in the Vineyards is a very convenient bank, There is free parking and it is easy to get to. The bank is always very busy, especially on Friday’s when many companies go to cash up. Local businesses can quickly pop in to pay in their cash, but now a trip to Chelmsford will take up many additional hours every week.

I wonder what will replace Barclays though? It is very much a bank and will no doubt require a lot of work to turn it into a retail outlet. This may explain why the Post Office chose to install a new cash point.

Dave Monk on BBC Essex has been talking about this today (25 March) and many people in the area are upset over this closure. People from Howe Green, Galleywood and the Hanningfields, along with Baddow residents, will all suffer after Barclays closes. Dave spoken with people who have suffered other local bank closures and people are having to travel by bus to use a bank. Barclays are closing local banks all over Essex.

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