Allotments under the Radar

Allotments under the radar

The Great Baddow Mast towers over the Great Baddow allotments

Vicarage Lane allotments

Great Baddow’s allotments are located on Vicarage Lane next door to the Cemetery. Just head in the direction of the Radar Tower which towers over them.

I wandered over there on a fresh winter afternoon to see people toiling away, preparing the ground for this year’s harvest. Because I took so many photos of the allotments I will post most of them here. But first some official business:

According to the last Report of the Allotment Sub Committee to the Parish Council which was published on Monday 24th June 2013, all plots on the site are currently tenanted and nine people on the waiting list. If you wish to join the waiting list contact Great Baddow Parish Council.

On the site of the allotment is The Trading Hut which is run by Great Baddow Horticultural Society. It is run by volunteers and sells various items to help cultivate the land.


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